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It was a beautiful day in NW Michigan today after snowing for some time and I couldn't
resist taking the pictures to show you just how beautiful it is around here.

Looking up the driveway through a bedroom window to the guest house.

Same window.

Same window.

Same window looking at shop/guesthouse.

On the way to the post office in Eastport.

The lake is ALWAYS turquoise.

Can you blame me for loving turquoise?

This is the public boat launch at the north end of the lake.
The lake is 20 miles long and 3 miles wide.

Boat launch area.

Our friends live right through those trees at the very top of the lake.

The road home from the post office, this less than a mile from our house.

This is the county road to our house, we get our mail on
this road. See the lake at the end?

Driving toward the lake, soon we'll make a left turn to Terrace Lane.

Now we are driving along Terrace Lane to our house.

This bush is so beautiful with white blossoms covering it in the spring.
It's called a snowball tree.

Closest neighbors live on the other side of those giant pine trees.

Another view up our driveway, away from the house.

In our backyard, a little creek, and a bridge Dean made to go over it.
It is dammed up to form a goldfish pond. The fish do survive the winter,
hiding under rocks and debris and come out in the spring.
We call this our friendship bridge as we walk over to our other neighbors
on it. The little kids all come by for fish food to feed the fish.

The back of our house, showing the dock all stacked up on the lower left.
The highest window on the left is my perch from where we watch the lake,
and the animals in the back yard, and where I write the Mathis Music Messengers.

The deck looks so different in the summertime with table and umbrella and deck chairs, sigh.

The lake hasn't frozen yet, and folks around here, don't think it will this year.

Looking from our garage up the driveway.

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