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F) Am50
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Rm30
R) Ex20
I) Rm30
P) Ex20

Health: 130 Karma: 70
Resources: Am Pop: 55

Known Powers:
Enhanced Physiology: After having consumed the Heart-Shaped Herb, T'Chaka's physical attributes have been greatly enhanced to levels comparable to a super soldier, giving him the following abilities:
-Body Resistance: Gd resistance to Physical
-Rapid Healing: Ty
-Hyper-Running: Gd Running (2 areas/round) without tiring.

Wakandan Royal Ring: A ring that is used by the King of Wakanda, that is passed to the next generation after the death of his predecessor.
Kimoyo Beads: The Kimoyo Beads are advanced Wakandan technology that has been developed from Vibranium by the Wakandan Design Group to serve a number of purposes:
-Communications: In
-Recording Device: In
-Holographic Imaging: Rm ability to project holographic images and recordings
-Stabilization: Am ability to stabilize a person's injury until they can receive medical attention
-Technological Control: In ability to control various types of Wakandan technology

Talents: Royalty, Business/Finance, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Tracking, Martial Arts A, B, C, E, Leadership, Multi-Lingual: (English, Xhosa)

Contacts: Wakanda, Ramonda, T'Challa, Shuri, Dora Milaje, Tribe Council