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Algrim the Accursed

Algrim the Accursed

F) Mn75
A) Am50
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) Fb4
I) Fb4
P) Fb4

Health: 325 Karma: 6
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Kursed Physiology: Algrim crushed a gem that began to melt into lava and absorb into Algrim's entire body, mutating his clothes and helmet into his skin, turning him into a giant beast before unleashing an explosion with the cell. It provides him with the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Un protection vs. all forms of attack
-Mental Protection: Mn protection vs. any mental attack
-Energy Vampirism: Mn
-Burning Touch: Am

Black Hole Grenades: Am ability to generate a temporary black hole within an area

Talents: None

Contacts: Malekith, Dark Elves