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F) Fe2
A) Gd10
S) Fe2
E) Ex20
R) Fe2
I) Ty6
P) Fe2

Health: 34 Karma: 10
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Flerken Physiology: Like the rest of the Flerken race, Goose has access to the pocket dimension that is inside her body. Her very body gives her the following abilities:
-Tentacle Extension: Goose is capable of opening her mouth to immense sizes to consume beings as well as objects that she pleases with help of the massive tentacles within her mouth. They allow her to perform the following power stunts:
--Combat: Each turn, the tentacles can perform two of the following combat actions at In ability, with a successful Green FEAT. Any three actions can be performed with a successful Yellow FEAT; any four actions can be performed with a successful Red FEAT.
--Attack: On a successful Fighting FEAT roll, a tentacle causes Rm blunt or Ex Edge (Goose's choice) upto 1 area away.
--Grapple: On a successful Fighting FEAT roll, a tentacle holds/lifts an object or opponent with Rm Strength. If two arms hit, the object or opponent is held/lifted with In Strength. Goose can hurl any person or object her tentacles have grappled, with Rm Strength if using one tentacle and In Strength if using two tentacles.
-Pocket Dimension: Goose was able to swallow the Tesseract and continue her routine without any ill effect, though she vomited it up later.
-Adaptive Digestion: Un, Goose is able to swallow people whole to consume them.
-Claws: Am Edge


Talents: None

Contacts: Nick Fury; (Formerly) Mar-Vell