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The Dora Milaje

The Dora Milaje are an elite group of female bodyguards, and Wakandan special forces. The Dora Milaje served King T'Chaka during his time as the Black Panther. In 1992, two Dora Milaje accompanied T'Chaka to the home of Prince N'Jobu in Oakland, California. After confirming N'Jobu's identity, they struck their spears on the ground, causing the lights to go out. When the light returned, King T'Chaka was standing between them. After embracing his brother, T'Chaka dismissed them back to the Royal Talon Flyer on the roof.

s T'Challa was being escorted by Ayo to his car, he learned from his Attaché that the Winter Soldier had escaped from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building. The group was stopped by Natasha Romanoff, whom Ayo ordered out of their way, else she would be removed by force, to which T'Challa mused at as he dismissed her.