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The Avengers

The Avengers, also known as the Heroes of New York, was a team of extraordinary individuals, either with superpowers or other special characteristics. Its purpose is to protect world stability from inner or extra terrestrial threats, and to work with the peaceful interests of the whole world rather than a specific country or organization. The Avengers were first assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D., when Loki invaded Earth with his Chitauri army to conquer the planet. The team defeated him and the team went their separate ways.

After S.H.I.E.L.D. became a defunct agency, Stark Industries remodeled Stark Tower into Avengers Tower and the team joined the fight against HYDRA. After they finished the war, Tony Stark built Ultron hoping that the AI would be able to defend the world from any threats necessary. The plan backfired and Ultron started a war against humanity, ending with Ultron's defeat. When Ultron was defeated, the team gained new recruits and relocated to the New Avengers Facility.

Under Captain America's leadership, the team successfully completed some missions, though the collateral damage caused during their conflicts made the United Nations pass a document regulating their actions, known as the Sokovia Accords. The different opinions regarding this oversight made the Avengers disband as a team, and it split into two different factions, with its members and other heroes gathering around Iron Man and Captain America, respectively. After Captain America stopped Helmut Zemo, the intriguer of their fight, the team was disbanded.

Current Line-Up:
The Avengers (Team Iron Man)

Former Line-Ups:
The Avengers (Original)
The Avengers (Age of Ultron)
The New Avengers
The Avengers (Team Cap)