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Misty Knight

Mercedes Kelly "Misty" Knight is a police detective in the New York City Police Department, stationed at the 29th Precinct Police Station within Harlem. During her investigation into the criminal activities of the notorious Cottonmouth, Knight encountered the mysterious Luke Cage, who seemed to be involved in every aspect of her current investigation. Once her partner Rafael Scarfe and Cottonmouth were both murdered, Knight became determined to discover the truth, putting her into conflict with Mariah Dillard and Diamondback while her own superiors encouraged her to find and arrest Cage. However Knight attempted to arrest Diamondback, leading to her being saved by Cage and informing the world of his innocence until Candace Miller could testify to convict Dillard, but before she could, Miller was murdered by Shades. Dillard went free but Knight remained determined to finally bring her to justice.

Detective Knight waited for Cage to be freed from Seagate Prison and requested his help in solving another case, however this led to Knight becoming involved within a fight against the Hand with the Defenders, placing several of their friends in protective custody after they became involved. Knight waded into the final battle at Midland Circle after realizing that Colleen Wing had just stolen the explosives in order to destroy the building, and in the process lost her right arm saving Claire Temple from being beheaded by Finger of the Hand Bakuto. She was subsequently taken into the hospital owned by Rand Enterprises in order to begin recovering. She was later outfittied with a bionic arm.

Current Version:
Misty Knight (Bionic Arm)

Former Version:
Misty Knight