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Advanced Idea Mechanics was founded by Aldrich Killian, possibly sometime before 1999. In its early days, A.I.M. was used by Killian as a ThinkTank to invent new ideas. Having failed in trying to recruit Tony Stark into A.I.M., Killian instead employed Maya Hansen where the two created Extremis, a project developed to regrow limbs and heal people on command.

Over the years and the progress of Extremis, Killian's goals eventually changed. He instead intended to use subjects who received the Extremis Treatment as soldiers, employing everyone exposed to Extremis as personal assassins. Killian hired failed British actor, Trevor Slattery, and paid him to act as the Mandarin, the supposed leader of the terrorist group called the Ten Rings, and to claim responsibilities for bombings across America which were actually just failed Extremis experiments in which the subject would explode from their body rejecting the treatment.

To his new end, Killian intended to have the "Mandarin" kill President Matthew Ellis of the United States and replace him with Vice President Rodriguez, who was willing to do as Killian demanded in exchange for Extremis to heal his daughter. With the "Mandarin" in one hand and the President in the other, Killian intended to take control over the War on Terror and sell his Extremis soldiers to the United States Armed Forces, making billions.

However, Killian's plan was thwarted by James Rhodes and Tony Stark, the latter of whom defeated all Extremis Soldiers, while Pepper Potts killed Killian. It is unclear whether or not A.I.M. is still functioning without Killian or if it has been shut down.

Aldritch Killian

Maya Hansen
Eric Savin
Ellen Brandt
Typical Extremis Soldiers