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Chili's photo

Chili`s result from x-raying: HIPS AA. 
Chili`s eyes are clear from any inherited eye desease. 
Chili`s SA-result is clear, no signs of SA

As I earlier told, a beautiful yong male from Germany came to us for a while. His name is Ahornstreet`s Takki and we call him Chili. He was born on the 1st of May 2008 in kennel Ahornstreet. His breeder is Mrs. Liane Kubbe. He is my daughter`s dog, but now he is staying here by us as yet.

Chili is a very happy boy, he is playing with Kukunor and Noriko, he is eating well and he loves to run free in the forrest and in snow. He is very brave, he isn`t afraid of anything and he is very obedient. I could say, that Chili is a very "easy" dog. We love him very much.

Chili has been at six shows in Finland and as a result of those shows he has five cacs and one res-cac. In Poland he has been at the show twice and the results from there are two cacs and cacib. From Germany he has exl and res-cac.

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