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Dr. William 'Bill' Nichols

IN MEMORIAM Bill Nichols was a good man, a true friend, and a fine scientist. He had suffered from Lyme disease for twelve years before taking his own life on April 12, 2000. Bill was desperately ill from the complications of the disease, which was in his spinal column and his brain. For the past two years, he had to struggle to get out of bed, often became disoriented, and was unable to drive a car. He was also losing his eyesight and his ability to walk. Unable to continue with his research, Bill found that he no longer had the energy to concentrate, and was terrified of losing his faculties. He suffered from terrible headaches, debilitating tremors, skin lesions, and cough and eyesight problems, which kept recurring despite the massive doses of antibiotics being administered to him. But he struggled bravely, and was kind and gentle to the end, always trying to help others in any way he could. It is with deep pain and sorrow that I write these words for a very special friend who will live in our hearts forever. Roger and Marilynn Girsmore Arroyo Grande, California -- From Spotlight On Lyme, Vol. 5, No. 4 July/August 2000 Issue, p. 10

San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) - May 9, 2000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NICHOLS, WILLIAM (WILLIE) William (Willie) Lee Nichols son of Gertrude and the late Myron Nichols died April 12, 2000 in Florida. Willie was born in Ann Arbor Mich. on June 10, 1949. He and his family moved to La Jolla in 1960 where Willie graduated from La Jolla High School in 1967. Willie received his Ph.D in Chemistry from UCSD in 1985 where he continued his career as a research associate in chemistry. His field was blood protein. Willie is survived by his mother, Gertrude, brother, Paul, sister, Kathryn and niece Sherlice Rose Nichols. Willies love of swimming in the La Jolla Cove helped him to cope with advanced Lime disease.

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