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Doris Grade

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doris Grade, Iowa

Please add Doris Grade, Iowa, to this list. She passed away early this year. She was a wonderful lady, very kind. I spoke to her on the phone a few times. We talked about our former nursing careers and how much we missed it, since I also worked as a nurse consultant before Lyme. Lyme forced Doris to retire early.

In May the LDA of IA made plans to have trees planted in honor of Doris and 6 other Iowans who have died from Lyme disease. The plantings will take place this month.

Here is an excerpt from the May 2006 LDA of Iowa newsletter:

The Lyme Disease Association of Iowa regrets to report that one of our family of Lyme Disease members has died from the complications of Lyme Disease. Doris Marie Grade died after a three week hospital stay in Carroll, Iowa. Doris and her husband, Louis, were original members of our group.

To describe Doris, we quote a bit of her obituary from the Carroll newspaper,

Mrs Grade joined the Iowa State Department of Health as a nursing consultant in the spring of 1978. Her job was to inspect health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric units, rehab agencies and home health agencies for compliance with state and federal rules. She trained for this job at the University of Maryland at Baltimore.

She was a member and had served on the altar guild at St Paul Lutheran Church in Carroll. She was also a member of the Carroll Genealogical Society, the Lincoln Highway association and the St Anthony Nurses Alumni Association. She enjoyed reading and traveling.

May God bless Doris and her grieving family. ---------------------------------------------------------------------