Our Mission

Our Mission
We want to show people the way to Christ, and equip Christians with the knowledge to handle yourself in any situation. To form you into a full spectrum, well rounded believer. Whether you're talking to an atheist, liberal, Muslim, Calvinist, Bible scholar, or a standard fellow Christian, you should never be left sitting with your mouth open, not knowing what to say.

As an ordained minister having read scriptures for over 20 years, I believe in all of the Bible, even the parts that most people have never read. I believe in the parts that pastors are never taught about in seminary, and refuse to pass on to their congregations. Tough parts of the Bible, with the toughest problems you may ever face in your daily life. I handle and explain difficult issues that may come into your life, what to do and what to say. That's the advantage of years of experience in debating and discussing issues with people from around the world, every single day.

People who do this have a great advantage over pastors and theologians. It doesn't matter how many D.D.s or ThDs you may have after your name, or who made you a bishop, if all you've heard is one side of an issue, and you've never been put on the spot with your back to the wall, you won't know what to do when strongly confronted by an opposing view.

Don't you wish you had someone by you who has?

Christianity desperately needs the sound teachings of Christ breathed into it. This is the 21st century, thanks to the internet and computers, information can be accessed in seconds that even 50 years ago would have taken months to acquire, and yet here we are divided into denominations with beliefs whos origins go back centuries, and we think this is a good thing? You really think it's credible to hold to a doctrine that was formulated at a time when most of the population was illiterate? A time when finding a verse could take weeks, and cross referencing it could take years? You will find many teachings on this site of true doctrine, along with a cornucopia of polemic material

People have asked me "You know so much about the Bible, why don't you start a church?" I tell them we're trying to win a war, not build a castle. I offer these jewels of scriptural knowledge freely, I don't think it's right to charge for them. I may make gospel tracts for people who want something tangible, but it will be at cost. The best thing you can do for us to help spread the message is to memorize the information contained on this website and pass it around like an epidemic.