About the Owner

This site is home of the Rev. Jonathan Anderson, the rocket scientist of Christian doctrine, with more than 20 years of studying the Word, and over a decade of daily dialogue, discussion, and debate with people from all walks of life. He has personally known authors, singers, movie actors, and professional athletes, and ministered to criminals, atheists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, pagans, and former Christians. He carries with him a small mountain of life experience, and is an avid reader of science and history.

Rev. Anderson was a student and friend of the late Jack Boggs, a published author, Christian poet, and philanthropist whose work was bestowed to Jonathan per Jack's will at the time of his passing. This site was started as a continuation of some of Jack's writings, and has grown enormously since then.

The turning point in Rev. Anderson's scripture study came in 2001 while visiting a Christian camp in Brevard, North Carolina, he was told to leave the chapel service for privately disagreeing with the pastor's gross misquoting of scripture, and getting the entire congregation to misquote it with him. Jonathan saw that this was how heresies thrived, and the congregation didn't have enough Biblical knowledge to dispel it. The pastor had done all of the thinking FOR them. He attempted to confront the pastor afterward to discuss what was said, but was swiftly told to leave if he didn't like it. No opportunity to share, or discuss a different view, or find out if he could show the pastor some little known verses. This was from a 'man of God' to a fellow Christian, on something that wasn't even fundamental to the faith.

So started his journey to intensely research all doctrines and beliefs of Christianity, to root out the false ones and reinforce the true ones. It took many years before he could be absolute in a belief, having taken it from all angles, all sides, with all experts, but in 2005 he took the knowledge he had inherited from Jack Boggs, and started laying down the truth on this website. Once it goes here, it's official, and all opposing views are debunked.

You can reach him by the screen name "LoveOneAnother" on PalTalk and if you would like to discuss or debate anything on this masterful site, he will arrange it in the Open Mic Room or write him directly at his.j.man at gmail.com. The @ sign was removed here to prevent spam bots.