Hartford Neighborhood Civic Organizations

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This is an interactive imagemap that links to the 17 neighborhoods in hartford.  See same links below.



North East:

   North East Revitilization Assoc.

Blue Hills:

   Blue Hills NRZ


   Clay-Arsenal NRZ


   Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborative

   Upper Albany Main St., Inc.

Asylum Hill:

   Asylum Hill Neighborhood

   Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (NINA)

West End:

   West End Civic Association

   West End Community Center


   Parkville Revitalization Assoc.

Frog Hollow, Barry Sq, South Green:

   Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance  (SINA)

Behind-the-Rocks, Frog Hollow,
Barry Square, South End:

   Hartford Areas Rally Together  

South Green (partial):

   South Downtown NRZ

Sheldon Charter Oak:

   Sheldon Oak Community Development Corporation




Neighborhood Descriptions


Asylum Hill   Barry Square   BehindTheRocks   Blue Hills   Clay Arsenal   Downtown  Frog Hollow   N. Meadows   NoEast   Parkville   Sheldon Charter Oak   South End   South Green   South Meadows  South West   Upper Albany   West End

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