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Book Awards:   (and links to their web sites)
        Booker Prize  &  Booker Prize site.
        Nobel Prize  &  Nobel Prize site.
        National Book Critics Circle Award  &  National Book Critics Circle site.
        National Book Award: Fiction, Non-Fiction  &  National Book Foundation site.
        PEN/Faulkner Awards  &  PEN/Faulkner Awards site.
        Caldecott Medal  &  Caldecott Medal site.
        Pulitzer Prizes: Fiction, Biography, Non-Fiction  &  Pulitzer Prize site.
        The Literary Awards Database

Favorite Links to Other Web Sites:
        New York Times Book Review  &  Book Forum  &  Holiday List:  01  00  99  98  97  96  
        New York Public Library  &  Books of the Century & Recommended Reading
                Books to Remember: 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1969.
        Hartford Public Library Site & Search  &  CT Center for the Book  &  "One Book" site.
        Greater Hartford Libraries CONNECT Search  &  "One Book" site.
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                 Adult Lists:     50th Anniversary Series |  Great Books |  Freedom Documents
                 Youth Lists:    Read aloud-emerging readers  |  Elementary & Middle School
                                       Middle & High School Social Studies  |  and High School.
        St. John's College Great Books Program
        Oprah's Book Club &  O, the Oprah magazine books  & Oprah Show books
        Publisher's Weekly The Year in Books 2001 & 2002
        C. Buffum & Co.

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