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Country Road Kennels & Training Center L.L.C.

Scrabble Road

Brentwood, New Hampshire 03833





Dogs stay in large, spacious separate runs, where your pets can stretch their legs. We provide raised-bed platforms and plush bedding, to promote comfortable, healthy sleeping, off the concrete floor.
We offer impeccably clean dog enclosures which are disinfected twice daily with pet-friendly cleaning materials. There are solid walls between sleep areas for quiet, restful sleep and a sense of security.
Premium, fresh food, the same used by our own Champion dogs, is offered as the standard diet, with special diets for pets with prescription dietary needs. A Special Ward is available as a separate, quiet area for geriatric pets, very young pets and other pets with special needs.
Our cattery is on the second floor and features multi-level laminate suites as well as condos in a bright, oversized room just for felines.
Grooming is offered both in conjunction with boarding as well as on an appointment basis. We provide professional grooming for the convenience of our clients, which means you can take a cleaner, more attractive pet home.
Grooming is offered for both dogs and cats and is provided M-F by appointment as well for pets boarding with us. Grooming features HydroSurge Therapeutic bathing which feels good to the pet and results in a cleaner pet.
Groomers meet directly with clients, so their wishes are followed.
Retail Sales
For your convenience, we offer premium quality dog food, excellent quality leashes and collars, dog hammock beds and machine washable plush bedding. Additionally, we always have treats, biscuits and chewies available, as well as personally selected toys. We carry proven flea and tick control applications, which work!
Special Ser
Playtime is included for all dogs staying with us, including puppies, dogs in their prime, and older geriatric dogs. These are 15 - 20 minute sessions with a staff member in our fenced in 1 acre, grassy play yard. This is good for your pet physically and even more importantly, mentally. Everyone knows healthy exercise is good for them, and they feel great after the one-on-one extra special attention. Additional playtimes are available at a modest price for this service.

Medications as well as feeding instructions are logged in on a computer and dispensed exactly according to your instructions for either oral medications or administering topicals. We know how important this is to your pet and to your freedom from worry. There is a minimal charge for medications. Special Diets or food from home can be fed if desired but must be packaged in per meal servings (dry food)

 Are you traveling overseas or to Florida for the winter? Country Road Kennels can successfully board your pet until you're back in town. Or if you are moving across the country, but can't take care of your pet for a while, we can provide the good care they'll need until you're ready for them and then ensure the transportation is properly handled.
Required Vaccinations:
For your pets well being we require vaccinations in advance for all pets entering our facility. For dogs, the requirement is Rabies, Adult DHLPP and Annual Bordetella. For cats, the requirement is Rabies and Annual FVRCP.
About us:
Country Road Kennels & Training Center is a family owned & run boarding kennel that has been in business since 1976.
The owner, Carolyn Kaiser is a well known breeder of dual purpose Siberians under the Turick prefix. Having retired from active sled dog racing and exhibiting Siberians, her efforts are fully focused on her Champion Belgian Malinois, known for their incredible intelligence, beauty, and versatility as agility, obedience, herding, tracking and police dogs. Actively pursuing titles at both ends of her dogs once again to maintain the integrity of an intelligent, athletic, and loyal companion. Please visit her personal web site at: Turick Malinois

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