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Listen to the Plaintiff Admit to Lying Under Oath About Having Annuled Her Second Marriage.

What you are hearing is cross examination of the plaintiff in Judge Brocks courtroom. I am asking the plaintiff if she remembers testifying in deposition that she was asked if she has ever had an annulment. The plaintiff says yes, that she remembers testifying in deposition that she had had her marriage to her first husband (Mark Conneran) annulled. Then you can hear me ask the plaintiff if she was asked in that deposition if she had had any other annulments. You then hear the plaintiff say that she remembers testifying in deposition that she never had any other annulments. Then you hear me remind the plaintiff that in court in front of Judge Brock she made claim to having had her marriage to her second husband annulled. The plaintiff agreed that she had said this. Note that this conflicts with her deposition testimony previously mentioned where she said she only had one annulment.You can then hear me asking the plaintiff if she was lying then or if she is lying now. Next you can hear the plaintiff state that she was lying then. It's not too surprising that the plaintiff is actually lying in this recorded cross examination and was actually telling the truth in deposition (sort of). The plaintiff did indeed have only one annulment and that was from her first husband Mark Conneran. In deposition the plaintiff was denying the existence of her second husband because she had never had the marriage dissolved. And if that marriage was never dissolved, then her marriage to me is null and void. This makes it impossible to divorce me and therefore makes it impossible for her to get alimony, equitable distribution, or to have me pay legal fees on this bogus divorce proceeding.
This is what Judge Brock is trying to hide and this is why Judge Brock refused to examine the document that the plaintiff presented as an annulment but rather just accepted it as the plaintiffs proof that she belives she has a valid annulment.
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