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Madeline Davidson Di Quarto
Lived and Died Trying To Protect Her Children
From A Broken Justice System.

On Friday June 2nd 2006 my good friend and legal mentor, Madeline Davidson Di Quarto of the New Jersey Council For Children's Rights died in front of a family court judge in Morristown NJ.

Madeline was arguing to have custody of her only remaining child who was constantly running away to her. Her other child committed suicide after the courts had taken him away from her. Due to elevated blood pressure caused by the stress of the proceedings, a blood vessel broke in her brain and she died. In a final act of sick irony, she was awarded custody of her child posthumously.

Madeline always maintained that her ex-husband and his Lawyer were using parenting time as a weapon to force her to turn over money that she had received in an insurance settlement.

For the love of her last remaining child, Madeline became a paralegal. Her intention was to learn what she needed to know to protect her son's right to be with her. As a result of her studies, Madeline fell in love with the law and volunteered her life to the service of others in her situation. I am one of the people she helped.

Madeline taught me everything I know about doing legal research, and writing legal briefs. More importantly, Madeline helped me understand how and why our children are being exploited and she encouraged me to join her in fighting against it.

Madeline understood from her own experience that this is not a man vs woman issue, but rather a lawyer vs parents issue where lawyers use children and misguided judges to ring every last dollar out of parents. Madeline recognized that impoverished parents where being illegally jailed in an attempt to squeeze money from them that simply didn't exist. Madeline worked tirelessly behind the scenes to free these people and succeeded in freeing many.

Going forward, my briefs might be less skillful, because I can no longer speak with Madeline, but I will have more determination for the same reason.

NJ Council For Childrens Rights - Tribute To Madeline