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DOCKET NO. UNN-L-001817-02


DOCKET NO. UNN-L-1817-02


Civil Action





Dear Judge Pisansky

In conference, you pointed out that my son is the casualty of this legal battle. There’s no doubt about it. If Ms. Gonzalez and I stopped this legal battle right now my son would be far better off. Ok, I propose we stop right now. Everyone walks away from their claims and handles their own legal bills. Do you think anyone will join me?


Also, you pointed out that this legal battle will never end because who ever losses will appeal the result. I disagree.  Profiting by lying to judges is a business for Ms. Gonzalez. By taking the profit out of this business, I intend to end this conflict.


You asked me what I want.

  1. I want to live unmolested and free from false prosecution.
  2. I want to raise my son in peace.


Lying to police, prosecutors, and judges for the purpose of harming your enemies is illegal. I am defending myself because I don’t want Ms. Gonzalez to do this to me anymore. This is consistent with my first goal.


I provided proof to Judge Brock that Ms. Gonzalez was doing this, but she did absolutely nothing about it. As a result, Ms. Gonzalez became even bolder and abducted my son because she did not like the fact that Judge Brock dropped a temporary restraining order and allowed me to return to my home. I don’t want Ms. Gonzalez to abduct my son again. This is consistent with my second goal.


By having a warm conversation with Mr. Duff and then berating me immediately after, you made it clear that you do not like pro se litigants. I truly felt your contempt for me. You made it clear again by making a sarcastic comment when I used the word “redundant”. I can assure you that I would rather have a lawyer then defend myself, but I cannot afford one. So if I am tried in your court, please give me a fair trial and treat me with some courtesy. I remember that during your recent trial involving a racecar, you made fun of a witness when he used the word “hearsay” by telling him “he must have been watching Law And Order on TV”. If I am tried in your court, please do not humiliate me for using legal terms. I am not trying to be Matlock; I am trying to defend myself. I have watched you in two trials, and despite your apparent distain for pro se litigants; I have found you to be fair and energetic in digging for the truth. So I welcome the opportunity to be tried in your court.


Boiled down, my complaints are simple and the evidence will prove them true.

  1. Ms. Gonzalez lied to police, prosecutors and judges in order to harm me and gain an advantage in the inevitable divorce proceedings, just as she did to her first husband.
  2. Ms. Gonzalez abducted my son because she didn’t like Judge Brock’s decision allowing me to parent him.
  3. Ms. Gonzalez perjured herself multiple times in these proceedings including accusing me of rape. First she accused me of raping her 3 times then 5 times then 500. But her expert witnesses documented that she said I never forced her to have sex. I have lots of other evidence that proves I am innocent and that she lied. So I can prove I am innocent, and I intend to do so.


So far, with the exception Judge Anzaldi and Judge Wertheimer I have found no judges who seem to care about any of these offences even though they spit directly in the face of the courts. As I have come to find out, it’s epidemic in this country that women are falsely playing the domestic violence card, and no one in authority is doing anything about it. I believe that the people of New Jersey will have a different reaction. This is why I have asked for a jury trial.


As for my brothers, I see what’s happening to them like this.

Even though my brothers are innocent of the charges against them, it will cost them say $200,000 to defend themselves. So Mr. Duff offers to settle for say $100,000 even though he knows they are innocent. He knows, because he has seen all the evidence. To judges, this innocents at half price sale seems reasonable. But average Americans see this as legalized extortion. You seem to hold Mr. Duff in high esteem. But I hope you will forgive me if I am unable to see him as anything but a racketeer. Anyway, the only way to fight this kind of abuse is to make sure that lawyers are not rewarded for this practice. That means sucking it up and doing what it takes to defend yourself. That seems to be exactly what my brothers are doing. I applaud their character and their courage.


Destroying the men she vows to love by perverting domestic violence law is a business for Ms. Gonzalez. She harms not only the men in her life, but she also harms women who really do need help and may not be taken seriously. I am working to shut down her business. Not because I am angry with her but rather because I wish to deter further abuse. This is consistent with my first goal of living unmolested.


By the way; what do you call it when you are forced to spend your life working for someone who takes away your children, forces you to leave your home, and puts you in shackles when you’ve committed no crime? Did you guess slavery? If you did, then you may understand that I am fighting for my freedom.

John Shearing

I certify that everything in this letter is true and that I can prove everything I said.

John Shearing


I certify that a copy of this letter has been sent to the following

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John Shearing