Welcome to the Unofficial Buzz and Jenna Fan Page! Once upon a time...on a television far, far away......

Guiding Light had great storylines, well-developed characters and well-paired couples.

One of those couples was Buzz Cooper (Played by Justin Deas) and Jenna Bradshaw (Played by Fiona Hutchison)

Buzz and Jenna are definitely my favorite soap opera couple of all time.

Why you may ask? They really completed each other. One was the "ying" to the other's "Yang."

You wouldn't think that opposites would come together as well as they did. He was a blue collar war-veteran and she was a high class jewel thief.

This made a GREAT balance in their relationship. And let's not forget CHEMISTRY!! No other couple before or since has clicked together as well as "Jezz."

They simply had everything a SUPER-couple needs: Comedy, romance and PASSION!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to chronic illness, DVDS and video request will no longer be accepted. This site will remain up for fans of Jezz to enjoy the memories.

Thanks for stopping by!

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"You ought to lay your weapons down and let the grass grow over them."

--Buzz to Jenna (April 1993)