Statement of Purpose

Through this website we reach out to individuals from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities, preferences, convictions, capacities, locations, and ideological perspectives, to share their insights regarding the achievement of personal excellence and inner harmony.

We believe that personal excellence and self-knowledge are the pathways to greater bonding with others. One cannot genuinely and fearlessly connect with others without first connecting with one's own self.

There is great advantage and gratification in knowing oneself. One's mission, vision, and purpose, as well as the things one needs to focus on to fulfill one's purpose, become clear...if only one engages in practices that lead to personal excellence and, consequently, to self mastery.

Pressures emerge from all sides as we go through life: on the job, at home, in our encounters with friends - we cannot always escape the unpleasant surprises life has in store for us. But maintaining an abiding inner connection may help us in determining the most constructive attitude toward these surprises.

Connecting with our innermost self is an endless exploration but it is also a fascinating one. And one that will definitely make us wiser, better balanced, and more conscious. For only when we know who we really are, will we be liberated from the urge to put on different hats under different circumstances, taking this to the proper way to be.

"Interbeing" is a word coined by [the Venerable Vietnamese Buddhist Monk] Thich Nhat Hanh to represent the Buddhist principles of impermanence and the not-self characteristic which reveal the inter-connected-ness of all things (see: Wikipedia - "Order of Interbeing").

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