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Committee for the removal of insulting users of the discussion boards
(LIEMASTER, MICHAEL, EPICLAUGHTER, SOMEONE12 and maybe others that have been insulting)

Why this page?

Dear friends,
Insults fuse every day on the web forums and we are all getting tired of it.

There is strong suspicion that all of these insulting users are one and the same person or a couple of them maybe.
It’s easy for the webmaster and editor together to bann his emails from their registration system and maybe block his IPs but they don’t seem that have done any of that effectively so far….

If you feel like we do, that action needs to be taken to clean the boards of these people.  Of their insults, of their actions,
then join the action:

  1. stay polite and never insult them back - we would't want to act in a primitive way like the authors of these insulting messages
  2. report the post by clicking on the image below the post and following instruictions (2 seconds).
  3. Email the editor:, the webmaster:
    You can also use the form letter below, copy and email it.  
    Or even use the form below.
    Or even faster, it takes seconds. Put your email here and hit
  4. Call the editor at ILW. :  Ask for Sam, at 1-212-545-0818.  Tell him we have been insulted so many times and we are tired of it.  If you can’t pass the receptionist, tell her!
  5. Write the editor:
    PO Box 1830
    New York, NY 10150
  6. ==============

    Suggested email message and letter:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have been a user of your discussion boards for a while now. I have consistently adhered to a good behavior so that other users can enjoy communicating useful information as much as I do.  However, I feel increasingly insulted by the remarks and posts of some users.  Their racist, insulting, and often xenophobic remarks are abusive and uncalled for.

    Please moderate these forums and remove old and new posts with such language as well as bann users with such behavior.

    Here is some evidence of what I tell you:


    Best regards,

    The Users of


    Email Form to send above message to Editor and Webmaster:

    From (Your email):


    Sign (your user name preferrably or your name)