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What is this?

NOTE: This rile has been edited for spelling and (sligtlhy) for content. We appologise for the inconvenience. The easiest way to understand/think about this "thing" is this: It is an art object that happens to be constructed of text. Think of it as a kind of sculpture or a painting. The compositional elements are lines, areas, solids, etc. The thing that all of these elements are made out of is (for the most part) words. Words as text (information) as poetry (creative things), etc. See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below for more details. That's pretty much it. Enjoy.


Is it supposed to be an encyclopedia or something? No. The encyclopedia is contained in the so-called "PDE" (Publid Domain Encyclopedia). While there are going to be links to more traditional types of text, the iconosphere is meant to be a mostly self-contained art object that has "informational value".
So, what is its purpose? Mainly it presents eight different ways to look at knowledge and imagination. That is, there are (rather arbitrarily) 8 different "axises" of knowledge along which the viewer/participant can at their leisure wander.
It seems rather disjointed. Is this on purpose? To a certain extent yes, it's supposed to "connect" together things that usually aren't connected together; eg, physics and art, etc. And it does this in two ways: The BASE LEVEL are the axises themselves of which there are 8. To this are added, the cross product spaces that are created by "mutliplying" one axis by another" -- this gives rise to 64 possible "cross products". Inside each cross product any number of variables can be introduced from one axis. As such there are (nomianlly) 512 different sub-topics that immediately manifest themselves. The actual number of sub-topics could well be infinite.
It seems rather hard to "find" things. Is there an index? Yes, there's an index: -[here]- But, it's not going to be of much use. The effort to build an index is almost as great as to create the content and structure of the iconosphere itself. However, as certain topics come up again and again, they are put in the index. The reference to (see map) means to consult the index. So, mostly it's a map to concepts and while the map is not the terrain, the map (index) contains much of the lowest level "stuff" needed to understand the rest of the iconosphere. All enquireis may be addressed to: fleeding AT hotmail DOT com -- Frank. Also, if you don't get a rsvp soon, pls re-send. Alas, spam has all but engulfed my email. worst-verbiage@i-had-spam-and-loved-it.python.com