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(iconosphere entry) Knowledge/Imagination (quote by Einstein) INSERT CARTOON HERE Gleeba (making goofy face looks to no one) Meepo: (looks for a moment) What ARE you doing? Gleeba: (still making goofy (but different) faces) Imagining. Meepo: (a bit suspiciously) Meepo: What do you mean?!? Gleeba: I mean, well, ... Did you ever read "The Hitch HIker's Guide to the Gallaxy."? Meepo: No. I've heard about it though. There's five of them or something like that. And they made a movie I heard about. Gleeba: Well, anyway Douglas Adams. He's the author of the trilogy. Well, he says that levitation is easy: All you have to do is throw yourself at the floor and miss. The hard part is is to remember to miss. Or to look at it another way: All you have to do is to throw yourself at the floor. and then forget to hit it. Same thing; either way. Just like quantum reality or even a duck. Meepo: (blink, blink) END CARTOON Please use the BACK key to return to your previous page; we applogise for the in-convenience. --42--