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"There be method to the madness" -- Shakespear (or Bacon?) in "Hamlet" So, that we don't get hopelessly lost, we have to have a "plan" -- but, then art is supposed to be (sometimes) all about SPONTENAEITY right? So, we use a process (patent pending, void where prohibited by law, some restrictions apply, see dealer for details). And under NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT REMOVE TAG FROM MATTRESS!!! [The Process] [How do we do art?] (1) [Critique] (1) FORMAL ELEMENTS [Art is Form?] [Form: Line] [Form: Shape] [Form: Light/Dark] [Form: Space/Volume] [Form: Colour/Shading] [Form: Contrast/Blending] [Form: Repetition] [Form: Shadow] [Form: Flow/Juxtaposition] [Form: Explosion & Redux] CONTEXT/CONTENT [Content] [Content: Forms] [Content: Text] [Content: Image] [Content: Symbols] [Content: Context] [Content: Explosion & Redux] [What is Art? - Redux]