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Kitten with yarn The purpose of this site is to teach you
various stitches in the Tunisian / Afghan Stitch.
Kitten with yarn

Kitty with yarn

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See Our Work!      Person taking pictures
See Our Work!:
Graphed Afghans
Stitched Afghans
Angie's Work

See Our Work!

Sites that will enhance the afghan stitch:
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Duit Tuit Motivational Products

Afghan crochet hook
A Mo WHAT????

Wondering what a MoEZ hook is?

MoEZ Hooks MoEZ is a wonderful way to crochet the afghan stitch (AKA Tunisian stitch).

These are wonderful hooks that are larger than your typical afghan stitch hook. They are handcrafted, solid wood and as smooth as a baby's bottom.

It will take you LESS time and LESS yarn to finish your projects with the MoEZ hooks because of their size!
MoEZ Hooks
(Please know that I am NOT selling the hooks. I just use them and have fallen in love with them.)

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(Please know that I do not endorse the's just something one must endure to keep the world "free" LOL)

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