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Buddhangala Monastery

Princess Chitra established this 1000-acre monastery in 400 BC, after she left Anuradapura with her boyfriend Deegha Gamini to this area. Princess Chitra was the daughter of King Panduvasdeva and princess Subaddakachchana. Prince Deega Gamini was the son of Subaddakachchana's brother who developed the province of Digamadulla.

Their son Pandukabhaya grew up in secrecy. As predicted, he went on to become the great king of Lanka. Later king Sudda Tissa (brother of Great king Dutugemunu) expanded this monastery.

The monastery is situated in a mountain over 500 feet high. The Dagaba has been enshrined with the relics of Buddha and his two leading monks Seriyuth and Mugalan's remains.

In 1216, Kalingha Magha’s barbarians destroyed the monastery.

In 1964, a lone Buddhist monk named Dharmananda from Kalutara arrived in this ruined monastery. He cleared the jungle around Dagaba, and the image house. He cleaned the caves where the Arahath monks were meditating before so that new monks can live in them.

From the meditating caves one can see the paddyfields of Akkaraipattu, which the Sinhalese farmers no longer has the access or the security to work in. Also in the breath taking view are the Rassagala mountain and the Westminister Abbey mountain.

Despite terrorist threats, 12 Buddhist monks continue to live and meditate in the caves. They are at the mercy of these heartless killers who have no respect for another culture.

Our thanks to the Sri Lanka Army soldiers, who provide security to the monastery.

Source : http://www.nexcorpsl.com/sinhala/N_Buddangala.htm

Home > Heritage >Buddhangala Monastery

Updated February 7, 2012
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