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GRCH Am/Ch CH Hedgerow BJ's White Russian ROM Bronze

Panda's Page in the 2005 Handbook


Panda loved her puppies!


Panda's Kids

Cardach Fab Four Paws PT owned by Jennifer Smith

Cardach Hedgerow Theodorabear RAE HSAds HIAd NA NAJ NAP OJP owned by Sylvia Brownlee

Am/Can/UKC CH Cardach Hedgerow Lilblubear owned by Genie Bishop


Panda and Tiller's (Ch. Visions-Cardach Wait Til Dark) Kids

CH. Hedgerow's Medusa At Sawmill MX MXJ NAP NJP HT VC owned by Joyce Poklikuha
CH Hedgerow's Zach Zoomer owned by the Ellis family
GRCH CH Hedgerow's Man Of Steel HT, OJP MXJ, MX, NAP, AJP, HT, XF, CGC, TDI
owned by Beth Magnus

Quinn and Gwyne

Hedgerow's Storm Runner owned by the Schatz family

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