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On July 13, 2009, Cheryl and Beth hopped onto a plane for Seattle then Alaska.

To see some videos

Here are some of the photos from the trip.


Our Plane
View of a Mural from the bus in Anchorage
View of a Mural from the bus in Anchorage


This is where you are suppose to see McKinlay
The map that shows the mountains
Finally saw McKinlay via the bus

The wildlife in McKinlay

Our horse drawn carriage ride
Cheryl with horns
Cheryl's date


The town
Railroad bridge from the river of trees
Our future train?


At Jeff King's

Went to Jeff King's place
Old sled


Dog's are off
Dog and home
Front of Jeff's home

Inside Denali Park

The train ride to the ship

Sara Palin's town
This guy wanted his own town and got it
Had to photograph these shoes on the train

Glacier Bay Shots - How we woke up on the ship

Seagul on ice
Majorie's Glacier
Majorie's Glacier
It's a whale!
Big whale!


Our ship in port

The Helicopter ride to the top of the glacier

Dog sledding on a Glacier


Rainforest snake
A beaver did this
Mode of transportation
Sea Lions resting
Glaciers and melting ice for pretty falls, with dolphins and a free teakettle in the ladies room


Morning in Vancouver

From one of our dinner mates, her pixs