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Intel About the Riddick 'Verse.

Riddick in Flarelight

This is my little corner of the web where you can find various links pertaining to Pitch Black/COR.

First up: My transcribed version of Dark Fury.
I don't know it there is another one out there or not,
but I did this one for and thought I'd put it up here as well.
Want to read it? You can find it Here

Next, I have a copy of the Pitch Black Shooting script.
Originally posted as a PDF on, I thought folks would still like to have it to read.
If you'd like to read it click Here

Other Links:

My Blog

My Avatars. Ready to use where ever Riddick/Jack fans might be.

More Screenies and other stuff too. Don't forget to leave a message if you enjoy looking around!

My Stories (On

My Sims2 Yahoo Group. I've got a Riddick sim, eyes, goggles and pants. Ask nice and I'll tell you where to get his hair!

Concerns? Ideas? Questions? Contact Me!
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