Something In The Night

Palladium ~ Nov 4, 1976

photo by: Barry Schneier

Well I'm riding down Kingsley, figuring I'll get a drink
I turn the radio way up loud, so I don't have to think
Then I take her to the floor
Looking for a moment when the world seems right
And I tear into the guts of something in the night
I picked this chick up hitch-hiking
She hung her head out the window and she screamed
She said she was looking for someplace to go
To die or be redeemed
She said, well you can ride this road till dawn
Without another human being in sight
Everybody's gone lookin' for something in the night
She said she was born with nothing
Said she was better off that way
Soon as you got something
They send somebody to come along and try and take it away
She wants me to push this old car
Says together, me and her, we can make it clean
Make it fast make it out of sight
We can surrender to the justice of something in the night
And I know that nothing is forgotten or forgiven
You only got one time around
And there's stuff running round my head
I can't live with or live down
And inside all the Big Boys and the Players
Sit around the table and mumble about some big wrong or right
While kids like us rumble, over something in the night
And then we found the things we loved
They were crushed and dying in the dirt
Me and her we tried to pick up, pick up some of the pieces
And get away fast, without getting hurt - should've known
Because they caught us at the State line
Burned our cars in one last fire fight
And then they sent us running blind into the swamps
Chasing something in the night

~Bruce Springsteen~

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