Feelings of You

How is it that I can love you so, if I never met you?
I know you are there, I need of you.
I feel your hands as if my skin could touch them

I can feel your kisses, your lips smooth and warm.
I feel your kisses lose themselves within me, as if you were close to me..
Yet you have never kissed me.

I listen to the sound of your voice.
Your silent voice. I hear it in my ears, it is a delight to my senses.
The tone of your words reaches my heart.
Although I have never listened to your voice.

I feel your trembling heart, your enthusiastic love, your passionate desire.
I can smell your rich fragrance, I can feel the warmth of your skin.
Even though, you are in the distance.

My fingers say to you, I love you.
My letters say I miss you.
My anxious love I can transmit, I love you and I cannot resist.
I can only think of you.

My heart you have penetrated, my emotions are so strong,
Sometimes I cannot control them, because I cannot explain them.
I have feelings of you, my unseen lover.......

~Author Unknown~

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