Figure 5.2 Input and output waves of a voltage regulator. Both parts of this figure are graphs. The origin is at the lower left corner and only the first quadrant is visible. The horizontal axis is labeled time and the vertical one voltage. There are two curves in each graph. In the one at eh, the upper curve is a ripple wave-form that rises quickly, falls slowly, and then repeats. This is the voltage at the input of a voltage regulator. The output voltage is shown in the lower curve. It is at a lower voltage than the input. It is a horizontal line with no voltage variations. At b the ripple voltage has its peaks at the same height as the one in eh but the valleys are coming down almost to the level of the output voltage. As the ripple of the input voltage gets close to the output voltage the output falls, duplicating the form of the tip of the ripple valley until the input goes back up. The output voltage is a straight line with a series of little triangular shaped drops when ever the ripple valley gets close to it. End verbal description.
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