Schematic diagram of the Crystal Set. The antenna connects to the white wire, top end, of the antenna winding on the antenna coil or ferrite rod. The bottom end, black wire, is connected to common and earth ground. The coil is labeled link, see text. The coil is to the left side of two dashed lines which indicate that all coils next to it are magnetically coupled to each other. Near the top of the dashed lines and to their right is a winding with many more turns. The bottom end of the coil is labeled yellow and is connected to common. A variable capacitor connects to the top of this coil, green wire, and the other end of the variable cap goes to common. The variable cap is labeled tuning capacitor. There is nothing else connected to this winding. A third winding is near the bottom of the two dashed lines. The bottom end of this winding, red, goes to common. The top end, blue, goes to the anode of a crystal diode. This could be a crystal and cat's whisker if you happen to have one but more likely it is not. The diode is labeled germanium not silicon. The cathode of the diode goes through a 220 pf cap to common. There is a 100 k ohm resistor connected in parallel with the cap. Two connection points come off of each end of the resistor. The one off the common end is labeled ground and the one off the top is labeled audio out. End of verbal description.
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