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Firehouse Live Theater Monthly Expenses - 1245 E. State - 750-9013

$1600 ----- Rent (This is a $200 drop from our first year - The landlord wants us back.)
300 ------ Gas & Electricity (ranges from $150 in nice months to $600 during cold months)
250 ------ Liability Insurance
25 ------ Water
100 ------ Printing
50 ------ Phone (portion of a cell phone bill)
75 ---- Other: cleaners, toilet paper & towels, office supplies, etc.

$2400 ----- Total for 1 month (Our coldest month, February cost $2800.)
-- Not counting production costs, appliances, tools, website, publicity, or any labor or repairs. --

$2400 divided by 4 weeks = $600 per month Basic Expenses to operate the building (more in cold months or extra expenses)

Proposed Stage Rental per show at the Firehouse Theater - 1245 E. State - 750-9013

(Approximately 4 hours each. Exact number of hours scheduled per “show” to be decided.)
(Rehearsals assumed to be free, but reasonably used, and with absolute respect for others’ shows and rehearsals.)

This chart shows the cost per show, depending on how many shows are scheduled during the week.
This is designed to pay the Firehouse bills for the week, divided up by the number of users; dividing by the month would work better, but a weekly display is easier to understand.
Costs per show are averaged, as some slots are more valuable than others; that to be decided by supply & demand.
This does not mean that one person is buying all these shows.
A “show” is anything happening in that block of time: a show, a contest, meeting, wedding, class, videotaping, workshop, etc.
This schedule reduces the cost for everyone the more shows we have, thus encouraging everyone to get more shows in.

Additionally to this Rent, 10% of ticket sales after paying the Rent and Royalties (and any agreed upon production expenses) should go to the Firehouse, so that when a show is very successful, the Firehouse also benefits.
This encourages the show and the Firehouse to work to bring in customers.

Assuming $600/month building expenses:
RENT per show # of shows/week Suggested show times
$200 each of 3 shows:..... Friday eve, Saturday eve, Sun matinee
$150 each of 4 shows:..... + Saturday matinee
$120 each of 5 shows:..... + Weekday eve
$100 each of 6 shows:..... + Weekday day (preschool or rest home show?)
$85 each of 7 shows:..... + Saturday 9:30 pm
$75 each of 8 shows:..... + Friday 9:30 pm
$45 each of 13 shows:..... + 5 camp mornings
$34 each of 18 shows:..... + 5 camp afternoons

-- Firehouse Theater runs and profits from Snack Bar.
--A Show Slot Seller could be paid a percentage to fill the schedule.
-- Once a show is scheduled and paid, we could give them a partial refund if later on, more shows schedule in that month therefore bringing down the price.
-- Scheduled shows need to commit in some way to pay the money even if they no show. Perhaps paying in advance with no refund, or a partial refund if canceled early.
--The person/group who signs the lease would be the one to pay the bills if income fails.

A REAL SCHEDULE: In reality, charging less on weeks when others have scheduled would only encourage crowding in some weeks and emptiness other weeks. The solution is to sell the popular months for more than the less popular months. However, it is easier to explain this way. The pricing schedule needs to be flexible and adapt to the realities of the market and people's perceptions of fairness.

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