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Alice in Wonderland Program Ad Space Available

Sizes available: Business card, or 1/2 business card size.
When necessary to fit the space, we will retype, nicely and creatively, adding color where needed.

Prices: 1/2 business card area (1.5"x 2"): $13
Business card area (3"x 2"): $20
Only Sponsor of 2 page: "History of the Story", one line only: $30
Inside Half page (5" x 4"): $40

Number of printings: 6 performances of 60 programs each = 360 programs. People usually take their program home.


There will be NO pages with just ads (except of course full page ads but facing page will have content.
The back page will be 2/3 ads and the other pages, half or less ads.

Space available:
Cast & Scenes (inside page 2 & 3): 3 card spaces, or 1 half page
Actors' bios or upcoming shows (2 pages): 2 card spaces
History of the play (2 pages): 1 page sponsor
Back page (page 8): 4 business cards reduced 10%, or 1 half page