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November 1st 2006, aged 3 yrs

Katie's sweet Rottie girl diagnosed early Sept. '06 with lymphoma and lost too soon.

I love this picture of her

Ruby at the Dog park

Ruby laying on my bedroom floor

The last picture I have of her

"Well I knew this day would come but why did it have to be so soon, she was only 3. Last night for Halloween we dressed her up with butterfly wings and she greeted kids at the door. She didn't even give me a small sign that she might be feeling badly. She showed off her wings to everyone that walked by.

My fiance got up to go to work this morning at 5:30am and she didn't come into the kitchen when he had breakfast he looked all over the house and could not find her. He somehow found her in the dark behind a bush in the back yard still alive but unable to get up. She had dug herself a hole and laid in it. He came upstairs crying and told me to call the vet. We had our vet meet us and we both said that we loved her and gave her kisses until her suffering was over. We sat in the room for a half an hour petting her even though she was already gone. I don't know how I am going to get through this.

We walked back into the house and no one is there to greet us. I looked through my pictures and found the one of her sweet face looking at the camera with wings on and just lost it. The last picture I took of her and she has wings on. I am so sad, angry, and every emotion that comes with this. It is not fair that so many people have to live through this.

Thank you for letting me talk about this. It is very hard to talk and cry at the same time, but I can type and cry.

Katie and Angel Ruby"

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