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PetswithCancer Gallery

Cheryl's Vacation
and a meeting with another Survivor!

Cheryl and Scitzo L, Linda and Oakee R.

I thought I'd post and let you all know that Linda and I met for the first time over the weekend. We thought it would be nice to meet since we've become friends after meeting on this group and corresponding for a while. We had so much in common, Oneida and Oakee were on the same "dx and chemo timeline" and their pictures were next to each other on the tribute page for so long... Sadly, that is no longer the case... What strikes us both as so very sad is the fact that now, Scitzo and Oakee are side by side on the tribute page. So many have been lost since we joined this group, including my sweet Oneida.

Scitzo's Page on the PetswithCancer Gallery

Oakee's Page on the PetswithCancer Gallery

Oneida's Tribute Page on the PetswithCancer Angels

Stanley and I vacationed in Ohio in 2007 prior to Oneida's dx. We thought that since things had finally settled down a bit, Scitzo is still in remission, Lulubelle stopped messing the crate, we had a few days vacation, we would take a long weekend at the same cabins. We've done nothing fun in almost 2 years due to my girls' fight. What a disaster! Scitzo and Lulubelle did their very best to EAT Oakee! Oakee was such a well-behaved gentleman and my girls were a nightmare! We could only manage Scitzo being out of her kennel long enough for the picture to be taken. Lulubelle never was under control enough to try to get her into the picture! Not only were they horrible for the meeting, they were horribly behaved the entire trip! My poor husband never got to spend any time with Linda, if he left them alone, they wouldn't stop barking.


Lulubelle is scheduled for obedience training later this month and I can only hope they don't kick us out! She is so smart, she has so much potential. I'm hoping they give me the tools I need to train her so she can be the well-behaved girl I want. (I firmly believe Oneida is laughing her butt off right now.)

"I just wanted to let everyone know that I don't think Cheryl's girls were near as bad as she thought. I think they did want to eat Oakee at first.........which was funny. My Cody acts just like her girls if you come to my house so it didn't bother me one bit. I really enjoyed meeting Cheryl and Stanley and I hope we can do it again sometime. They are really nice people and Cheryl is as nice as she is on here in real life. Her girls are adorable. I really enjoyed myself. Linda, Oakee"

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