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In Loving Memory of


Jen's beloved "wild child" Springer

February 14th 2003 to November 7th 2007

dx MCT metastatic September '07


"I have been out of touch lately because my computer has a virus and it is utter torture to even try to type. I didn't want this day to pass without some kind of tribute to my Tess who died one year ago today. I have written a lot about her sickness and her death but I thought I would write a little about her life.

Tess was one of those beautiful accidental mixes: the muscular leaness of a boxer(her father)and the deep soulful brown eyes of a springer spaniel (her mother). She was the most beautiful puppy; shiny, black and white coat and heavy, floppy ears. We called her our "wild child" and she was. She lived to bark and loved the sound of her own voice. She used her long legs to counter surf and we have many stories of the crazy things she would consume. She looked forward to our evening walks and insisted on carrying the leash in her mouth so it looked like she was walking me. She slept on my bed every night and followed me around the house so that it seemed as though we were never apart.

She was my pal and her life and death were so quick it seems almost like she was never here but she made such an impression that she will never be forgotten. I really miss my pal, especially at night and I look at her pictures every day. She was sometimes a "bad dog" but she was always a great friend.

I love you Tess and I hope that there are endless fields for you to run in and that when I see you again I will know the bark and the wag of the stump and it will be like yesterday. I'm sorry for what happened and that I was powerless to stop it. I would do it all over again just to have you with me.

Beautiful puppy Tess

Tess the destroyer of all small toys

My pal Tess

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