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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of

Sweetie Pie

Died September 11th 2007

So much loved and sadly missed by Lynn Fitzgerald

"I love you Sweetie were my little trooper.....such a brave girl"

Lynn's Yorkie was diagnosed in June 13th 2004

She had a thymoma tumour as big as a golf ball between her lungs. Sweetie Pie had surgery in October of 2004.
Radiation treatments followed with holistic care of acupuncture, herbs, supplements and diet.

Such a courageous battle!

Lynn's tribute to Sweetie Pie on Dogster

Lynn and Sweetie Pie in Florida on vacation, Mar. 2006

Sweetie Pie goes shopping
"Shopping everywhere, we are off on vacation!"

Sweetie Pie in Florida
"Love my Pink Purse"

{short description of image}
Mommy and I play in the Gulf

Sweetie Pie, diagnosed with lymphoma
On the Beach!

Sweetie Pie
"Where did Mom go?"

Love the fresh air!

SP diagnosed with Canine Lymphosarcoma
"I loveYou, Mommie!"

SP diagnosed with canine lymphosarcoma
Snooze Time

Brave survivor of Lymphoma
Fort Meyere

Tween Waters Inn - Captiva
Tween Waters Inn - Captiva

New food
Sweetie Pie loves her new food

Sweetie Pie
The very beautiful, Sweetie Pie

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