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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Carol's Staffie Bull Terrier

October 8th 2001 to December 27th 2007

dx Intestinal Lymphoma November 13th 2006

for more information about Stan's fight with this cancer
<click here>

Stan was rescued and adopted by Carol on October 8th 2001, he was aged around 4 yrs at the time

for Stan's Story
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Smiling Stan

Pensive Stan Happy Stan

{short description of image}
{short description of image}

Hello, Goodbye Stan plays baseball Stan in the park

{short description of image}

Stan just chilling at Christmas!

{short description of image}
Peek-a-boo! Now where did that treat go?

Stan with my big empty treat-less mouth Me again, empty mouth still!

Stan goes swimming!

Stan in the snow! Stan, snug and warm!

Stan the little lion king!

Life goes on and Carol's new Rescue Staffie is now working hard!


Helping Sniff out Cancer

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