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In Loving Memory of


November 11th 2006

Our sweet Sissy, May 11, 1994 - November 11, 2006, eldest beloved furkid of Bryan and Jill Simmons, big sister to Grace and Lisa and foster sister to Becca, Claire, Emma, Xena, Hercules, Bert and Ernie. Died at home with her family of lymphoma and its complications.

We love you and miss you Sweet Girl!


Beautiful Sissy on her last day of chemo and feeling good:)


Sissy mentoring Small Paws puppy mill rescue and newest sister, Lisa

I love Mom's shoes!

Sissy and Grace....please take us with you!!!

With Grace and Mommy on Christmas day

Isn't it time for a treat yet?

Our family Christmas photo in 2003.

On her last day, too weak to carry away my slipper, but still insisting on getting as close to it as she can.

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