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In Loving Memory of


Jan and Dan Follman's precious Shar-Pei

Died November 1st 2007 aged 4 yrs

dx lymphoma September '07


We are truly struggling to come to grips with Sierra's passing. She was so much a part of us. We took her everywhere we went. Except when it was too hot or cold for her. She has been to so many events. Many concerts, state fair, even some weddings. She just waited for us in my PT or Dan's truck. We always had pillows or blankets for her. And it was so special when we had finished our event and headed back to our vehicle and she was there waiting with a very strong wagging tail. God how we miss her.

We are now in the process of finding that very special pei puppy to bring into our lonely home. We need our dog in our lives and she will be a very special dog. We have so much love to give her and so many places to take her.

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