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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of

The Incredible Rocky Dog

Jan. 12th 1997 to April 2nd 2007

dx hemangiosarcoma January 19th '07

So sadly missed by Ginger and the Dow Family


Connor and Rocky Dog
Best Buddies

The Incredible Rocky Dog Jan. 12th 1997-April 2nd 2007

How do you set out to write a tribute to a Dog like Rocky? How do you sum up what a special creature means to you in just a paragraph or two? How do you explain what he has done to complete my life?

Ten years ago a little scar faced puppy was at a yard sale. All his brothers and sisters had been adopted but the little boy remained. When asked about him the woman replied no one wants him-he's going to be put down. He was scarred at birth because he was stuck during delivery and His mommy had to pull him out. His owners never had a vet fix him up. They personally docked his tail and made a mistake and cut it completely off, not even a nib.

Well, my sister in law brought him to my Husband and I and it was love at first sight God sent our baby to us. He was our first dog and we had no children so began Our new family. He wasn't housebroken and had never been indoors before but that baby potty trained with only one mistake in the house-EVER!

He went everywhere with us, riding in my lap until he got too big then in the passenger seat always giving Momma his paw to hold while we were driving. He loved to please-learning new tricks daily, until he had learned every trick our brains could muster.

At the time we got Rocky I suffered from an addiction that was ruining my life, marriage and destroyed my job. Rocky gave me purpose to change. I gave up all my friends and my playgrounds. It was just me and little Rocky going for walks and playing that got me through. He didn't care that I was a recovering addict, he just loved me. He showed my husband and I how to love unconditionally. When our son came along, he would lay by his crib and keep him safe. What a friendship they built. He's truly my husbands' dog, He'd do everything and anything for this man. He looks deep into his eyes and says God, I Looovvveeee you Daddy. When you come home he's always there to greet you with a butt wiggle and his ball. He loved to bark at the trash truck, mail mail, and UPS man. His favorite part of everyday til Friday was going Conner's school in the afternoon-just so all the kids could love on him. He was my gentle giant. You ought to have seen this dog jump for bubbles- he could spring four feet plus off the floor to get the hightest ones, while flipping back doing a half gurney to catch the rest. He loved the water and would fetch sticks to the point on near exhaustion.

I've just brushed the surface with the glories of his magnificence. I don't want to remember this last week, I KNOW HE JUST DIDN'T FEEL LIKE HIMSELF. He was so weak, so grumpy and too sick to eat. He fell during a walk Friday, but after numerous tries got back to his feet and walked onto my truck. He wouldn't let me help, he was so proud and had such a strong spirit. You did go for a walk with me Saturday night and we sat atop the hill and watched the stars together. You let me hold you and cuddle all weekend.

ROCKY WAS TRULY A ONCE IN A LIFETIME TIME DOG-And the Dow family was surely blessed to have had this small glimpse of Heaven. Dad and I held you in our arms as you took you last breath yesterday.

God's Speed my love, you will always be with us, heart and soul. Please look for all the furangels at the bridge they're waiting to keep you company until we get to hold you again.

I love you sweet prince-my friend, my soulmate, my heart.

Thank you for a job well done.

much love Ging

Rocky Baby
Rocky Dog @ 12 wks old

Rocky's 1st Easter
Egg hunt

luvn momma
momma's best boy

Rocky dog-big dog
big bone

Rocky needs the luck of the Irish
new bath, new bandana

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