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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


December 23rd 2000 to February 29th 2008

Cindy's beloved Rottweiller

dx malignant histiocytosis
December 10th 2007

Rock Orville Hayden, you came into my life unexpectantly and you left unexpectantly. You brought me so much love, and understanding. You stood by my side and protected me, you watched over me and you never took your eyes off of me. You were my soldier, my confidant and my best friend. My Rocketscientist, my Rockopotomus, my Rocky Docky. I will always have you deep in my heart and I will look to our Dogstar tonight as I go to bed. I love you Rock, I love you so very much. Be with your brother Kane.

Cindy and Angel Rock

Rock getting Belly loven

Rock and Momma

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Rock Halloween 2006

Rock the day after DX

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