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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Saint Rocco of Hamptondale

October 6th 1999 to June 13th 2008

Melissa's beloved boy

dx Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the prostate, urethra and bladder Oct 9th '07

Roc on his 8th birthday at the Town Fair

Rocco turned 8 yrs old on October 6 while we awaited the results of his biopsy. The results came back on October 9 that he did have Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the prostate, urethra and bladder. We started him on Piroxicam, cottage cheese, flax seed oil and boiled chicken.. (I can't get to the raw point - but I'm working on it) and lots and lots of love.

Rocco at the Town Fair This little girl saw what a love Roc is

Roc, loved Therapy Work, here's some pics of a visit to a Nursing Home, 2006

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Introducing Roc's Doggy Family

Roc with Rolanda, 6.5yr, the other half of my Roc & Rol!

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Roc and Dwayne 5yr GSD (he and Roc have the same birthday)
Our very 1st try at raising a Seeing Eye Puppy but he wasn't made for the working world
he's much better at being a house pet / mentor to the new puppies,

Roc and Krystal who is a 17 months GSD
She leaves us on November 29th to start down the road of a working girl.

Roc at Pet Therapy
Doing what he loves to do!

Roc, Easter 2008!

Roc N' Rol wishing Happy Easter
March 23rd 2008

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