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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Double Stuff Oreo

Born June 10th 2001 to April 17th 2008

Heather's Boston Terrier

dx Lymphoma August 6th 2006

and fought such a good fight!

Today, at 12:30pm. I held him in my arms and snuggled him forever. He developed bleeding in his lungs. We tried a plasma transfusion to stop the bleeding but it didn't help. We had a 20 month run!!! Thank you God for every day we had.


Oreo with Ball

"On Aug 7th 2006, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Lymphosarcoma (lymphoma) is the third most common cancer diagnosed in dogs. It is a cancer of lymphocytes (a type of blood cell) and lymphoid tissues. Lymphoid tissue is normally present in many places in the body including lymph nodes, spleen, liver, gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow. Mommy noticed that there were lumps around my neck and on top of my shoulders. At first I was diagnosed with a needle asparate, but to be absoluetly sure, the Dr removed one lump from my back leg and sent it in for testing. The options at this point were: 1. do nothing. I'd live for 3-6 weeks. 2. Prednozine treatment. I'd get 3-6 months. or 3. Chemotherapy. I might get 1-2 more years."

Bugsy and Oreo

Baby Oreo

Bugsy and Oreo at xmas!

Like my hat?

For more information on Oreo, check out his website

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