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Born January 21st 1998

dx B - Cell lymphoma July 9th 2007

Linda's beloved Toy Poodle

My Little Sweetheart

Update December 12th '10

3 years remission and still going strong!!!

My little doll baby

Oakee now has a new little sister "Lucy" and a kitten "Muffin"

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A Meeting of Two of our Survivors, June 2009!

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Cheryl and Scitzo, Linda and Oakee

Oakee Update December 23rd '08

This is a picture of Oakee as he looks now. He is a lot whiter than the picture shows but at least he isn't all red like he was when his hair started coming back in. I didn't care if he was purple as long as I still had him.

Oakee (front) with Cody

Oakee Update - October 5th '08

His last chemo was in May and he just had his 4th month past chemo checkup on Oct. 3rd
and everything was great!!

Oakee Update - August 31st '08

His 3rd month checkup was great, the vet called it unremarkable. I just pray this keeps going this way. I think this gives everyone some hope or at least I hope it does but we all know it can change.

Oakee Update - August 27th '08

He is getting along so well and as you can tell his hair is still red but it has a lot of white under it. Dr Fulton says he will be back to white by Christmas but I am not too sure about that. His little back is really red.

He goes back this Friday for his 3 month past chemo checkup so I will let everyone know how it comes out.

May 24th '08- I Just wanted to let everyone know that Oakee had his last chemo treatment on Thursday and I was told he is in full remission and cancer free. They took samples of his lymph node and found no cancer cells. I want to thank everyone on here for all their prayers and concerns for us when we were fighting this. Our fight is not over because it could come back but with prayers I am hoping not.

Oakee's story

Oakee's battle with Lymphoma started on July 2nd 2007. I decided to do his teeth cleaning 2 months ahead of what I had planned. I didn't have enough money saved up at the time and I didn't want to charge it or take it out of my savings, I had saved the new quarters since they first came out so I decided to cash them in. I had $800.00 in all. I made the Appt. with DR. DJ and off we went. He called me during the cleaning and told me after he got in there cleaning that Oakee had 4 back molars that were decayed at the roots and infected. He needed to pull them. They looked fine on the top until he pushed on them. When I went to get him he told me Oakee's lymph nodes were swollen from the infection and put him on antibiotics plus gave him a shot to jump start it. He wanted to check his gums in a week unless something came up. Oakee did fine.

The one lymph node on his right side still felt the same to me and was not going down. Dr DJ said the same thing and thought by now it should have some. He gave him another week of antibiotics and it still didn't change. He did a needle withdrawal and sent it to Med Vet to be checked. It came back ok no cancer cells. The lymph node didn't come down only some so he decided a month later that he wasn't happy about that and he put Oakee under and did a biopsy and sent it up to Med Vet and it came back with no cancer cells also. My Vet who is a wonderful Vet would not let go and thank God he didn't. They decided to take the whole node out this time so they could do a lot more testing on it. It was November by this time and Oakee was never sick not for one second. I got the dreaded call that it was Lymphoma. I had told my kids that I would never put Oakee through Chemo if it was cancer. When I got the news all I could think of was I couldn't let my baby go when he didn't act like anything was wrong with him.

I made the Appt. with Dr Fuller at Med Vet and went in to talk about his choices. She told me without treatment he would maybe live 2 months and with treatment maybe 12-15 months depending on the treatment I chose. I chose to go with the Wisconsin Madison Protocol. It has the longest survival rate. Before they started they did the ultra sound of all his organs, etc and said everything looked great. His other lymph nodes were ok, just the ones in his neck. He has B -cell Lymphoma.

The beginning of my Fight with Lymphoma

We started the chemo on November 29th 2007. I made up my mind that if the chemo made him sick and he was suffering that I would quit. He sailed through his treatments with no side effects until the 7th one and for one day he heave a little and that was it. The 8th and final weekly treatment he actually got sick for one day and threw up about 3 times. He lost some of his hair on his head going into the 7th treatment since he is a Toy Poodle.

Going into treatment 6

Losing some more hair. Yikes!!!!!


Oakee's hair starting to come back in

Mom my hair is red now

Right now Oakee has already had 2 maintenance treatments which is every two weeks instead of weekly and his hair is coming back in at a fast pace. I think he is going to be a red poodle now unless things change. He is doing great. You would never know this fur baby has cancer up to this point. He was in remission by his 3rd treatment. I know this can change any day now but the Dr is amazed at how great he had done. I thank God everyday that for some strange reason I didn't want to wait to get his teeth cleaned like I planned. There is hope for these babies with cancer and please please check your babies lymph nodes in their neck and the rest of their body. I didn't even know to do this but I sure do now. Oakee has never had anything wrong with him until now. He just turned 10 in January. I pray I have him for another 10. Oakee is a strong little fur baby and is spoiled rotten right now.

Hair loss is not common with dogs undergoing chemo unless they are breeds such as poodles like Oakee whose hair grows continually and more like human hair that needs to be cut and trimmed. Hoping that the newer pics of Oakee will show him back in full coat.

He is a very brave survivor!

If any of you do experience hair loss with other breeds undergoing chemo then it is well worth asking your vet to to run a full panel bloodwork for thyroid function as some chemo drugs over the long term can cause problems, there may be a latent problem here already with the thyroid that gets kick-started in. The important thing to check for is the FreeT4 level, if this is down then low dosage of thyroid medication should help.

Mail me if you need more help on this

Jean Cheesman - Webmistress and Co-Owner endlesslove group

In Loving Memory of Linda and Oakee's SARD's toy poodle, Cody
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