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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died August 12th 2008

dx perianal gland adenocarcinoma Dec. 14th '06

Kelly and Mike's 14 yr old Cairn who fought such a very brave fight
and will now be so very sadly missed

Nana on Canada Day
Our sweet little girl celebrating her 12th birthday.

August 11th '08 - "Tomorrow, our beloved cairn Nana will be crossing the Bridge. She was diagnosed with cancer in December 2006 - we were told she had very little time left to live, even as short as a month. Well, fate took over and long story short, we met an excellent surgeon who was able to remove the large anal gland tumour that no one else would touch. We thank Dr. Walshaw for providing us for close to 20 extra months with her that we never would have had. We made the most of those months, loved her, took her on trips, took her to see the ducks. Last September, she was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. For a year, I dispensed her meds, gave her daily fluids and was at her side as her nurse. But the last week, I knew something else was going on other than kidney failure. Today, I took her to the vet's where he saw a large mass that was back in the area where the original was - she has become so very weak so quickly, even in the last day so we know it is now time. We never gave up but we know her time has come because her eyes tell me so. Please never give up on your pets when they are diagnosed - because of our persistence, we were able to spend another wonderful 20 months with our was worth every minute.

Go hug your little ones and if you can, say a prayer for our gal as she makes our journey tomorrow!"

Nana and her Uncle Mac
Canada Day/Bday celebrations

Update from Kelly, October 10th 2007

"We had her in today - she is suspected to have chronic kidney failure due to age but that is by no means a death sentence. We found out five weeks ago so this was a follow-up. We actually had her tested for Addison's today, which would be even more manageable. Should get results soon. Regardless, she is having ups and downs but still the fighter! Two weeks ago we were saying she was back to normal so now she's just going through a little bad spurt, lethargic and such. Should get better as she is starting to eat more again. And the wonderful news in regard to cancer is that her kidney is cancer-free!!! Woohoo! That was a possibility today when they did the ultrasound so it was good to know there was nothing there. As scary as chemo was, I suspect that it may have slowed down or stopped spreading. I don't know how she stays so strong, I really don't."

My sunshine
Nana, Summer 2005

Nana as a garden ornament
Nana, Summer 2005

Going for a walk
Nana at the duckie pond

Nana at the duckie pond

Nana and Mom
Us sitting together, having a chat.

Nana and her dad

Nana and Pooh
Nana cuddling

Nana, Christmas 2006

We are truly blessed to have such a great soul as Nana in our lives - and to have found a group of people that understand.

Here's even more recent pictures - we took a vacation mainly for her last week:

Early September was a weekend getaway to Yarmouth and late Sept is a bit longer trip to PEI.

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