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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of

Missy Girl

Debra's 12 yr old husky/chow mix

Died December 5th 2007

dx osteosarcoma October 2007.


I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you that took that extra minute to remember Missy and I. It hasn't been 24 hrs yet but it seems like days and days. Of course all of us know how badly we hurt and that there are no words to describe the pain and the loss we feel. Missy had a peaceful passing and a wonderful tribute to her as many friends came to be with her and me before she was put down. Of course it was very traumatic but I was so grateful that friends took the time in the nasty weather to say goodbye to her.

Missy just two days before she died.

And Debra's earlier post to endlesslove group when Missy was first diagnosed

This is to everyone who has shared concern with me and MY MISSY. After experiencing days of depression and trying to race ahead of time for her, beating myself up over what decision would be the best, I have made a decision that I believe is the right one for Missy and myself. I have to admit I didn't come to this alone, one member in particular gave me her undivided attention in every aspect, and through her heart-felt wisdom to me, I was then able to realize the difference between the hurt I was experiencing and the realistic issue at hand for Missy. Just a few days ago I had more xrays of her chest and pelvic area and up-to-date bloodwork done, hoping to set myself up for an appt. with an oncologist, but, when the xrays revealed she also had spots in the chest as well, seeing that the tumor was surpressing her bladder(which the bladder was not visibly seen) and her ability to move her bowels easily, and that the tumor was also spread over to the bone/hip area, Missy just wouldn't be a good candidate for the extensive surgery she would have to endure. I haven't given up on her and whatever I can do to possibly slow down the cancer/tumor growth I will.

Right now Missy isn't acting sick, she eats, plays a little, still climbs my many steps, urinating and moving her bowels due to a change in her diet. When she begins to change those things I will know. I wasn't wasting time trying to get to specialists and all, but, I was also taking away the time her and I could use to enjoy what time is left for her.

She is one deramaax, 1/2 tab daily, I have tramadol but she doesn't seem to like that much, she gets 2 tablets of maalox to help with her bowels, 3tabs of pepcid a day, 1teaspoon of metamucil in her food. I also have her on supplements such as milk thistle, gloucosimine/condriotin with MSM, omego 3&6, flexamin, DLPA anti- inflammatory ect.. I have changed her diet to ground beef, chicken, alittle brown rice, broccoli and cauliflower and egg. I also have holistic can food by Wellness with chicken and salmon.

I hope all understands my decision and I will keep you posted. When Missy leaves me I want her to leave in dignity , the same as I would want for myself. Don't mistake that my heart hurts very badly knowing I will have to accept her absence, but, her and I had a great life together for almost 12 yrs, and, her little companion Angel, who is 2 will be here to help me through , and, of course, all of you.

In time to come I will want to get a little more involved with this organization with time and effort to assist in research projects and fund raisers. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but, I want to give back a little of what this membership has done for me.

Prayers for Missy as all I ask is that she has a peaceful way ahead. Maybe and hopefully she will be around for a while longer
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Debra

for Debra's new puppy, Nika
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